Nipsey Hussle daughter Emani mother

Nipsey Hussle first wife is Tanisha Asghedom. Tanisha is Nipsey Hussle daughter Emani mother.

Tanisha Asghedom nipsey hussle lailasnews

Before Nipsey Husle’s murder, Tanisha Asghedom had stoked speculation over the years that she was reconciling with Hussle, despite his high-profile relationship with Lauren London.

However, after Nipsey Hussle got shot and killed, a lot of people immediately felt a lot of sadness for Nipsey’s family and his current partner, Lauren London.

Apparently feeling some type of way that she was left out of the lots of condolence messages being given on social media, Tanisha Asghedom expressed her feelings on her Facebook account.

She wrote this on her page:

nipsey Tanisha Asghedom lailasnews

Nipsey Hussle first wife: Nipsey Hussle daughter Emani mother:

See happy photos of Nipsey, Tanisha Asghedom, Emani together:

Nipsey Hussle first wife lailasnews

Nipsey Hussle wife Tanisha 3 lailasnewsNipsey Hussle wife lailasnews 2


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