I’m not even living, I merely just exist

A Nigerian lady has shared her life experience on social media, revealing the greatest mistake she made in life which she would never forget.

I'm not even living, I merely just exist - Nigerian lady lailasnews

Twitter user, @Dawn61752514, took to the platform to narrate how she dropped out of university due to her losing focus.

While trying to advise newly admitted students to not lose their focus, she narrated how she lost it all after gaining admission in the year 2013.

See what she wrote below;

I'm not even living, I merely just exist - Nigerian lady lailasnews 1

I got admission into the university in 2013 without any stress. I even got to study my dream course..Things however didn’t go the way it should. After my second year, I started failing woefully. My studies was not my priority anymore. All I did was skip lectures and attend parties. I started dating a guy from another school and things got way worse. I was with him both weekends and during weekdays too.

I wasn’t reading the way I was supposed to and I was barely even keeping up with the withdrawal GPA. In my final year, i left school because I thought i could start over. It was already too late for me. I had spills from 200 level and I was barely keeping up. Greatest mistake i ever made in my life. I should never have left school on my own. I should have struggled to finish. But I didn’t. My mates are graduates now and they’re the ones that just concluded NYSC. But I’m here. With no degree. No certificate. Nothing. I tried applying twice but i wasn’t given admission. I’l keep trying but I’d like to advice the newly admitted students. Please stay in school. Don’t turn out like me.

This is one mistake i’l remember till the day I die. My parents barely talk to me and I’m just existing in this world. I’m not even living. I merely just exist.

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