Violent ‘Mad Man’ Receives Maximum Beating After Attacking Soldier In Lagos (Video)


The scene of the flogging


This is a hilarious and trending video of a mentally-deranged man being whipped by a soldier.


At the beginning of the video, the ‘mad man’ could be seen attacking passers-by who ran helplessly. He later extended the violent act to a military man who was moving on a motorcycle along the point he was stationed.


The soldier quickly parked his motorcycle, brought out his whip and flogged senses into the ‘mad man’. The ‘mad man’ cried as he rolled on the  ground owing to the severity of the attack by the military man.




It took the attention of the passers-by to free the ‘mad man’ from the tortuous hands of the soldier. The ‘mad man’ quickly dialogued with his legs as he got a chance.


Meanwhile, there are rumours that the awkward event which took place in Lagos State could have been staged for comical value.


Watch the video below:


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